Top Time Savers

Here’s our pick of must see videos to get you working at your best and saving time at work.

Working Everywhere – tips that will save you time whatever software you are using.

Pinning shortcuts to everything you need

Pinning – shortcuts to everything

Software: Any
Duration: 2:02 minutes

Trying to find software and files can take up valuable time. Pinnng gives you easy access to everything you need.

Using the clipboard to save time

Using the clipboard

Software: Any
Duration: 2:09 minutes

You might be surprised to know that the clipboard can hold up to 24 entries. This clip shows you how to get the most from it.

customising the ribbon

Customising the ribbon

Software: Any
Duration: 2:24 minutes

Add and remove commands from the Ribbon to have easy access to the tools you use most often.