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video 122 – 5 Shortcuts For Editing A Document

Word Tip [vimeo id="105057468" width="640" height="480" autoplay="yes"] [separator top="10" style="single"] 5 Shortcuts for editing a document [fontawesome icon="screenshot" circle="yes" size="small" iconcolor="#0f0f0f" circlecolor="#efefef" circlebordercolor="#333333" animation_type="0" animation_direction="down" animation_speed="0.1"] CLIP FOCUS Most of us sped a lot of time working with text. I promise these shortcuts will save you lots of time, grab a [...]

video 116 – Copying Styles Between Documents

Word Tip Copying Styles Between Documents CLIP FOCUS Did you know that you can copy styles between documents and templates to quickly change the look of a document? Let us take you through the steps.

video 112 – Editing Styles

Word Tips Editing Styles CLIP FOCUS Styles are a great way to format your text but the Microsoft styles might not be to your liking, learn how to change them in this 3 minute clip.

Video 005 – Quick Access Toolbar

MS Office Tip Quick Access Toolbar CLIP FOCUS Make sure all your favourite tools are just one click away by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar. Also find out how to access the toolbar through keyboard shortcuts.

video 077 – Mail Merge

Word Tip Mail Merge CLIP FOCUS Do you ever need to write a similar letter to several people. Whether it's to 10 or a 1000 people, mail merge will save you lots of time.

video 074 – Track Changes

Word Tip Track Changes CLIP FOCUS This video will guide you through the process of tracking the changes in a document.