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video 129 – 5 Shortcuts

Outlook Tip 5 Shortcuts CLIP FOCUS Get even faster in your most used package with these easy shortcuts.

video 120 – Threads And Conversation View

Outlook Tip Threads And Conversation View CLIP FOCUS Struggling to keep on top of your inbox? Use conversation view to make it more compact, quickly find things and opt out of dull conversations!

Video 005 – Quick Access Toolbar

MS Office Tip Quick Access Toolbar CLIP FOCUS Make sure all your favourite tools are just one click away by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar. Also find out how to access the toolbar through keyboard shortcuts.

video 095 – Voting via E-mail

Outlook Tip Voting via E-mail CLIP FOCUS Voting via e-mails allows you to involve many people in a decision, making it quick for them to participate and easy for you to keep track of the votes.

Video 091 – Mail Merge to your Outlook Contacts

Outlook Tip Mail Merge to Outlook Contacts CLIP FOCUS You can send personalised emails to whole groups of people at once and have each eamil appear separately in your sent items. This clip shows you how.

video 089 – Autotext in Outlook

Outlook Tip Autotext in Outlook CLIP FOCUS Store standard text that you use in emails so that you will be able to use again with just a few key strokes.

video 082 – Searching in Outlook

Outlook Tip Searching in Outlook CLIP FOCUS With ever increasing number of emails knowing the quick ways to search are essential for time and frustration saving!