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video 143 – Introducing Excel 2013

myoffice Tip Introducing Excel 2013 CLIP FOCUS Find out where all of your favourite Excel features are found in Excel 2013 and discover some great new tools that pop-up!

video 142 – Introducing word 2013

myoffice Tip Introducing word 2013 CLIP FOCUS Discover where to find all of the most frequently used Word features in Word 2013 so that you can get to work straight away.

Video 141 – Introducing Office 2013

myoffice Tip Introducing Office 2013 CLIP FOCUS A must see! This short clip will introduce you to the new Microsoft Office 2013 interface and point out some of the key tools you will need to get started.

video 150 – saving a file to a new folder in eDOCS

myoffice Tip Saving a file to a new folder in eDOCS CLIP FOCUS Saving the first file for a new project? This clip will show you how to save directly from Excel (or any office application) into eDOCS, creating a new folder along the way. [...]

video 146 – Searching for applications

myoffice Tip Searching for applications CLIP FOCUS Discover how to find all of the programmes you need and how to save them as shortcuts so all of your applications are only one click away.