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video 140 – Changing the slide size and using layouts

PowerPoint Tip Changing the slide size and using layouts CLIP FOCUS PowerPoint 2013 creates all new presentations in wide screen, in this clip we show you how to change it back and how to use layouts - the secret to really clean consistent slides.

video 138 – Quick Analysis – Totals

Excel Tip Quick Analysis - Totals CLIP FOCUS Adding all kinds of totals to your figures is now easier than ever. Even if you have never worked with formula before you will be impressed at just how easy it can be.

video 137 – Quick Analysis – Charts & sparklines

Excel Tip Quick Analysis - Charts & Sparklines CLIP FOCUS Creating charts in Excel just got even easier. Don’t miss this video to find out how to let excel recommend the best charts for your data and get a great result in only a few clicks. [...]

video 136 – Quick Analysis – Formatting

Excel Tip Quick Analysis - Formatting CLIP FOCUS Let us show you how Excel can format your data automatically such as highlightig your top 10 expense items or adding traffic light graphics to your key results.

video 115 – Autocomplete using Flash Fill

Excel Tip Autocomplete using Flash Fill CLIP FOCUS You have to check out this video that shows you one of the cleverest new excel tools ever. Inputting data will never be the same again.

video 111 – Contact Groups

Outlook Tip Contact Groups CLIP FOCUS If you find yourself frequently sending emails to the same group of people, set up contact group to save time and never miss anyone out again.

video 135 – Creating folders

Outlook Tip Creating folders CLIP FOCUS Discover how to set up folders in Outlook 2013 so you can get your emails organised.

Video 005 – Quick Access Toolbar

MS Office Tip Quick Access Toolbar CLIP FOCUS Make sure all your favourite tools are just one click away by adding them to the Quick Access Toolbar. Also find out how to access the toolbar through keyboard shortcuts.