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Tom, Huddersfield

The videos have been great for showing me things in Word that I’ve been sort of fumbling my way through… Things that I vaguely knew about but never quite worked out how to use’…

Suzi, East London

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Copying Formulas in Excel: Partial Absolute Cell References

Software: Excel
Duration: 2:15 minutes

Absolute Cell References, or adding in dollar signs ($) to your formulas, are absolutely essential when copying across formulas. It ensures that a formula will always refer to the same cell each time, rather than changing to another cell each time, for example when doing a multiplication that requires a fixed figure (such as VAT or conversion rates). Learn how to create them in this short video.

Animating Charts in PowerPoint

Software: PowerPoint
Duration: 1:46 minutes

Charts are a great way to easily display lots of data and to easily identify trends. This clip looks at applying an animation so that chart elements appear one at a time – allowing you to talk through your data when giving a presentation without distraction.

Mail Merge Letters in Word

Software: Word
Duration: 2:49 minutes

Do you ever need to write a similar letter to several people? Whether you’re writing to 10 people or a thousand, Word’s mail merge will save you lots of time!

Sending Email with Delayed Delivery

Software: Outlook
Duration: 2:04 minutes

Compose your email today and get Outlook to send it next week or whenever you like. This is a great way to follow up an email or send an update, even when you are out of the office.


Volume License Options

The Happy Video Library is the perfect solution for organisations to improve productivity across the entire organisation quickly and affordably – as well as helping to embed learning from Happy’s classroom training through 70:20:10.

Access to the videos can be set up as a login to the website using individual email addresses, or our videos can be integrated with your own LMS so you can track your people’s progress. In addition, we offer free internal marketing materials (posters, email templates and business cards) that you can use to raise awareness of the videos within your organisation.

The cost for an individual subscription to is usually £45 per year. However, we can bring the costs down for volume licenses as follows:

Full access (Outlook, Excel, Word or PowerPoint) via email:
5-10 people: £40 per person per year
11-49 people: £35 per person per year
50-99 people: £30 per person per year
100-499 people: £18 per person per year
499+ people: £12.50 per person per year
999+ people: £7.50 per person per year

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